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The Office of Legal Counsel provides high quality legal services to the University and its affiliated corporations. By advising administrators, faculty, staff, and student leaders in a timely and proactive manner, we minimize the legal risk and potential liabilities facing the institutions. More significantly, we develop innovative legal solutions to achieve the University's path breaking strategic initiatives while maintaining compliance with the Constitution and all applicable statutes and regulations.


If you would like to serve a subpoena on the University, its affiliated corporations, or its officers in their official capacity, please email the subpoena as an attachment to

Email Subpoenas to

Open Records Request

If you would like to file an Open Records Request for records maintained by the University or its affiliated corporations, please email your request to

Email Requests to

The General Counsel serves as attorney, counselor, and problem-solver. As an attorney, the General Counsel is responsible for providing comprehensive legal services to the University and its affiliated corporations, including the President, the Board of Trustees, all divisions and departments, and faculty, staff, and students who are acting for the University.  As a counselor, the General Counsel provides proactive strategic policy advice on issues confronting all University administrators.  As a problem-solver, the General Counsel develops solutions to obtain the University's objectives within the confines of what the law requires and what the law prohibits.  In addition to managing the Office of Legal Counsel, the General Counsel has direct responsibility for issues involving the Board of Trustees, the President, all constitutional issues, all litigation, legislation, the NCAA, the Southeastern Conference, and Open Records. 

Our Team

Our legal team is comprised of four distinct groups covering specific areas of the University.

Academics, Finance, Students, and Athletics

Academics, Finance, Students, and Athletics Group is responsible for all areas under the Provost, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, Vice President for Student Success, and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.  

Health Affairs and Research

Health Affairs and Research Group is responsible for all areas under the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and the Vice President for Research. This includes clinical contracting, clinical operations, health care compliance, health care regulatory and policy analysis.  

UK King's Daughters

UK King's Daughter's Group is responsible for all issues confronting the UK King's Daughters health care in Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio.

Medical Risk Management

The Medical Risk Management Group is responsible for advising health care providers and administrators on legal issues related to patient care and the management of all potential and filed medical malpractice cases against the University's health care providers.  

Our Services

Our legal team provides a wide range of legal services including:

  • Risk and liability evaluation and prevention
  • Advice on the legal implications of proposed policies and actions
  • Counsel on compliance with state and federal laws and administrative regulations
  • Drafting or reviewing of University contracts
  • Coordination of the University’s real, personal, and intellectual property interests


If you have legal questions, please do not hesitate to call 859-257-2936 or email us.

General Contact Information:
Office of Legal Counsel | 
301 Main Building | 
Lexington, KY 40506-0032 | 
Fax:  859-323-1062

If you have read the regulations regarding ethics policies AR 1:7 and/or GR XIV and feel there has been an ethics violation, please send a confidential email to the University Ethics Committee.